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Dr. Brandon Spletzer, ND practices evidence based Naturopathic Medicine with a special focus on mild traumatic brain injuries/concussions, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Weight Loss and Prolotherapy.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I book an appointment?

    • To book, you can call the office of your choice or contact me through the website. Click the button below for details.


  • What is naturopathic medicine?

    • Naturopathic medicine is primary health care for those wanting to focus on prevention as much as acute treatment. Medicine is as much art as it is science and Naturopathic Physicians have the ability to diagnose and treat health conditions. Rooted in the six principles, the therapies they may use include botanical medicine, spinal adjustments, nutritional counselling, acupuncture, and intravenous therapy.


  • What are the six naturopathic principles?

    • First do no harm
    • Healing power of nature
    • Treat the cause
    • Treat the whole person
    • Doctor as teacher
    • Prevention is the best medicine


  • What is Regenerative Medicine?

    • Regenerative Medicine is the concept that your body can heal itself with help from patient and guidance from a doctor. By using the body's ability to heal itself, progress towards cure begins to take place. Providing the right stimulus, along with ample support, the body's systems begin to restore proper function. Masking symptoms does not promote healing and ultimately end up causing other problems along the way and is the practice of degenerative medicine. 


  • What type of training do naturopathic physicians have?

    • Following the completion of an undergraduate degree, there is 4 year graduate program at one of the accredited Naturopathic Medical Schools in North America. The first two years are heavily focused in sciences, human anatomy and introductions to different therapies. The final two years move more towards clinical based learning while continuing to learn about therapies.


  • What conditions can you treat?

    • Naturopathic Physicians are able to treat the full spectrum of disease along with the ability to focus on prevention. If there are conditions that fall outside the scope of the Naturopathic Physician, we are to refer out to the necessary provider (MD, DC, Physio, RMT, etc.) 


  • Is this treatment covered by MSP?

    • No. However, most Extended Health Plans do cover treatments up to a certain amount, annually.  In some cases, testing and even supplements may be covered. Check with your insurance provider to see what you are entitled to each year.


  • What kind of lab testing can you do?

    • Naturopathic Physicians are able to do the standard blood tests you would get from a medical doctor. They are also able to order a variety of supplemental tests, not available through medical doctors, such as specialized blood tests, urinary panels, salivary and breath testing.


  • What can I expect from a visit and how long are they?

    • The initial consultation is typically 60 minutes. This allows for a full medical history to be taken so that the Naturopathic Physician has the entire picture and can treat the whole person. Subsequent visits are generally 30 minutes where there is a follow up from previous treatments, assessment of current issues and treatments to help with immediate or long term needs.  


  • How does this compare to a visit with my medical doctor at the doctors office?

    • An medical doctor spends far less time with their patients in comparison to a Naturopathic Physician. It is a fundamental difference in how each profession prefers to practice. By spending more time with patients, we believe that we are able to better understand the root cause and help support the patients needs and ensure paramount quality of care.


  • My Medical Doctor expressed concern over Naturopathic Medicine, am I able to still come and see both of you?

    • Naturopathic Medicine is a very safe, evidence based type of medicine. Naturopathic physicians are highly trained in natural therapies and how to use them with conventional medical treatment. I make myself available to discuss treatments and therapies with other health practitioners.  


If you have any more questions, or want more information to find out if Naturopathic Medicine is a good fit for you, feel free to send a message through the contact page. Thanks!